About Maikusan



I grew up in Houston and after high school did a four year hitch in the U.S. Air Force – my pic is from Okinawa, Japan – before returning home to work as a fleet mechanic for the local Pepsi bottler. After three years or so of that drudgery I got an opportunity to help open a nightclub in Little Rock, AR. That was short lived and I found myself working as a fajita cook – I kid you not – in a local Mexican restaurant chain there. While working there I met a lass who happened to be headed to Steamboat Springs, CO so I threw in with her and headed to the mountains. She lasted one ski season before heading back home to Idaho or wherever she came from. I stayed six years before moving on to a gig working with the Egyptian Air Force in Cairo Egypt. That turned out to be two wonderful years and really helped shape my international outlook. A return to Steamboat proved that you really can’t go home so I went to Las Vegas. That lasted six months before I really did return home, to Houston, to work for a NASA contractor at Johnson Space Center. After 20 years of that I headed back to Colorado and here i sit, writing my blog and wondering what I really want to do.

Thanks for following me along on this journey. I tend to write about what interests me or, according to some, pretty much bitch about everything that bothers me. That may be, but I feel like my readers might learn a thing or two. Even if, as one reader put it, I sound mean. It isn’t too easy to be nice while being critical, of institutions at least. I would hope that people don’t think I am actually mean to them. If so, get over it.