The Tears Of A Clown

They say you get what you give. Donald Trump gave an interview to the New York Times yesterday and made it clear that he does not abide by that mantra. In fact, though he demands unwavering loyalty from employees, minions, whatever, he really doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. During the interview – an astounding display of selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, whining – he pretty much threw the entire Justice Department under the bus. Especially appalling was his calling out of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself – justifiably – from the investigation in to possible Russian collusion by Trump’s campaign.

Donald Trump is a fool, an idiot, a fucking imbecile and a disgrace to our country.

First, Trump seems to think that everyone in the government, especially the Justice Department, works for him – not the people – and owes him their unwavering loyalty. That was a pretty obvious when he all but demanded that former FBI Director James Comey swear an oath of fealty. That Comey didn’t is the one bright moment in this whole fiasco. It cost him his job of course, but shouldn’t honesty, integrity and high ethical standards have priority over job security and bending the knee for a man as spectacularly unethical, immoral and downright shitty as Donald Trump?

Secondly, Jeff Sessions has been Trump’s staunchest supporter from day one, a loyal ally willing to, possibly,  commit perjury to shield his boss from the glare of the Russian investigation. Trump told the New York Times that he was not happy with Session’s decision to recuse himself from all matters Russian, seeming to conclude that Sessions recused himself from his job as Attorney General completely. That is not the case, obviously, and it just goes to show that Trump is clueless about how government and the law work.

Thirdly, Trump also took the opportunity to smear Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – who he appointed – for his role in selecting Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to look in to the Russian matter. He then promptly went off on Robert Mueller. Both men are well respected in Washington, but they made the fatal mistake of being “very unfair to the president”. Guess what Mr. President? They do not pledge an oath to be fair to the president. They pledge an oath to do what is best for the country, specifically to honor the United States Constitution.

So, fuck you Mr. President!

While I am on the subject, is there nobody in the GOP that has a spine? If a Democrat had done anything approaching the bullshit antics of this president we would be knee deep in impeachment hearings. Oh, there is a peep here and there, but for the most part the party has turned a blind eye to this pig of a man as he runs amok, trashing the office and the institution of the presidency.

Donald Trump is a serial liar, a self dealing megalomaniac and an embarrassment to the country that so many of us love. Other world leaders see that and we are no doubt a laughing stock on the world stage. It’s hard to believe this man could run a billion dollar business yet alone tie his fucking shoes.

I am embarrassed to be an American. Hopefully that feeling will not last for long.