There’s Pope After All

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally got to realize his dream of meeting Pope Francis last weekend. You may recall that he accompanied President Trump to the Vatican last May only to get the shit end of the stick when it came to who the Donald thought worthy of an audience with the head of the Catholic church. I was not a fan of Sean Spicer and I certainly don’t care at all for the Catholic church – or religion in general – but I did not like the way that the president treated his own employee. I am sure Sean was the one that most wanted to meet the pope, given his own Catholic background. That Trump would let petty office politics dictate his snub of Spicer only reinforces the fact that he is a supreme asshole.

So, good for you Sean. You got to meet the pope! Too bad you are a dishonest liar who worked for a dishonest liar and had no qualms about spreading dishonesty and lies. You probably think that because you are Catholic and met the pope that you will likely go to heaven. Reality check! There is no heaven. The joke’s on you. But at least you can thumb your nose at your former employer. We still need ten Hail Marys for the fact that you lowered your self to Trump’s (sub)standards.